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Linda Berry (Dr. Linda Berry, DC Healing Arts)

Dr. Linda Berry, DC Healing Arts | Chiropractic Care

Linda Berry | Dr. Linda Berry, DC Healing Arts | Chiropractic Care
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San Rafael, CA 94901



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Dr. Linda Berry, DC is an author, speaker, and healer with 34 years of experience elimintating pain and empowering health through education, inspiration, and loving care. Her vision is to eliminate suffering and elevate well-being. To make that vision real Dr. Linda has developed skills and gathered knowledge from ancient Taoism to modern medical therapies.

Her passion is to help you get out of pain, so that you may realize your full potential and live in a world of harmony and plenty.  Patients say her care is good for well-being, and for both acute and chronic problems. She sees you as a whole person, not as a collection of problems.  When you work with Dr. Linda, you'll be better educated and more self-reliant.  You'll be empowered to rebuild and rejuvenate your health.

Dr. Linda works with patients around the world and one to one, in the San Francisco Bay Area at her San Rafael office.