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Dr. Doris Bersing (Doris Bersing PhD)

Dr. Doris Bersing | Doris Bersing PhD | Senior Care
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475 Gate Five Road Suite 316
Sausalito, CA 94965



(800) 805-7104 [Business]
(800) 805-7104 [Fax]

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When you need to understand the best possible options for your life ahead, Doris Bersing can design a roadmap to help you find the ways towards Aging Well. You may desire to continue living at home as you age, or find the right living community. As a geriatric consultant, Doris empowers aging individuals and their families, helping them understand their choices and available resources. If you desire to live in your home, Doris will help you understand the necessary steps to make that happen. She has deep expertise in home care safety and advanced technology solutions that support independent living, including monitoring, alerting and medication management systems. She can recommend the modifications and adaptations to your home physical environment that help prevent accidents, falls and injuries. If in need of moving out of your home, she will recommend the best options based upon your needs and personality and the resources available in the community. It all starts with a comprehensive, personalized assessment of your current situation and future needs. This holistic assessment provides a list of choices for you, as well as peace of mind for your family members.