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Are you feeling the mid-life changes of menopause?

Great information from Barbara Sobel, Marin Women at Work member and nutritionist extraordinaire!

From Barbara: Did you know women spend roughly one-third to one-half of their lives in menopause? Most women enter menopause around age 50, with the symptoms of perimenopause starting up to 10 years earlier.
Need to Reset?
Are you feeling the mid-life changes of menopause?

Clothes not fitting the way they used to?
Dealing with food cravings or unwanted weight gain?
Lying awake at night?
Battling hot flashes or night sweats?
Lost your libido?
Feeling anxious, moody, or just not like yourself?
Brain fog?
Believe it or not, some simple changes in foods, supplements, and mindset can help with every one of these symptoms.

Check out her reboot event starting Jan. 12th, see link for details. Purchase before Dec. 31st to receive a $100./savings.

Link for additional information and to purchase tickets:

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10 Healthy Food Blogs/A new kind of Marin Women at Work post

We thought it might be fun to add more non business topics to our blog posts. As entrepreneurs we spend so many hours focused on building our businesses, building our referral sources, posting on social media etc that why not take a break from it all and relax to some healthy recipes. Perhaps take a few minutes to plan your dinner or weekend meal planning. I love to cook but there are so many days that I start working on the computer in the morning and hours later look up and realize that I have no groceries in the house. This may motivate me to shop in advance.

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