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Where Should My Business Be Online for Maximum Exposure?

In the new age of business, being properly established online can make a world of a difference when it comes to getting clients. Now, this is easier said then done. With the many platforms available to use for your business you must choose which ones fit your business best for “maximum exposure”.

This week, we look at our MWAW member, Carolyn Kohler, for some advice on what she thinks will help you out with your business most online. She compiled this list in mind of all the people who are proactively looking to build their business around emerging technology.

See Below for the detailed description on Maximizing Online exposure for your Business!

Her Websitehttps://website-wordsmith.com

” Where Should My Business Be Online for Maximum Exposure?

Many of my clients and the individuals I meet from day-to-day have asked me where their business should be online for maximum benefit and exposure. Every business owner I know has a limited marketing budget, so where their efforts are focused is an important consideration.

My response: Every business needs minimally four things for a solid online presence: a mobile-friendly website with basic SEO, a Google My Business page, a well-written LinkedIn profile for you and your business, and a consistent online thumbprint. Here’s why.

A mobile-friendly website with basic SEO

It used to be that you could reach out to prospects with simply a business card. Now, everyone wants to go to a website to check out your business background and the services and products you offer. Having a great-looking website that incorporates basic SEO can make it come up in searches, whenever people look for you or your company by name. If your business is local, basic SEO can also help your website come up on page 1 of Google for the products or services you offer.

Why does your website need to be mobile friendly? Google wants to provide the best experience possible for every search. If your website isn’t easy to access and use from a smart phone, you can expect to see your visibility in searches slide.

Google My Business page

You can easily create a Google listing, and it is absolutely free! Your Google My Business page places you in Google’s “yellow pages” directory, which boosts your local business presence. Google is becoming ever more adept at linking your Google My Business page information with your website, so I highly recommend this 15-minute task, if you haven’t yet completed it.

To find out how to create or claim your Google My Business page, please see this post: How to create a great Google My Business Page.

LinkedIn profile for you and your business

Many of your potential clients will go to LinkedIn to review your profile and your business page before making a phone call. Why? On LinkedIn, they can see who they know who may also know you, and who has endorsed you. From there, they can contact those individuals for a recommendation. In my opinion, these personal references are more powerful than that same person having to scroll through a list of reviews on other social media sites from individuals they may not personally know.

Consistent online thumbprint

Every business has an online thumbprint, which is your Name, Address and Phone Number. A consistent online thumbprint is key for coming up in search engines whenever someone is looking for the services or products that match what you offer. It’s also confusing to potential clients if your business appears in multiple ways online. By making sure that your Name, Address, and Phone Number are consistent everywhere, you’ll earn more credibility with search engines, which is always a good thing!

Here’s where you can learn more: Is your Business Listed Consistently online?

What about social media sites, like Facebook, Yelp, Houzz, etc.

Wherever your business appears online, it provides more opportunities for people to find you and then send an email or make that phone call. It takes time, however, to earn the likes and the reviews that really garner attention on social media sites. Whenever a business owner has limited time and budget, I recommend getting a great website, setting up a Google My Business page and creating a LinkedIn profile first, and then moving on to Facebook, Yelp, etc.

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